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Our Mission is to inspire and motivate students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology and mathematics through participation in a sports-like science and engineering-based robotics competition.

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20 October 2014 - (42 Days of BEST) - Week 4 & 5 Tasks

Week 4 and Week 5 Reminders (click for details)

  • Some of you need to catch up from Week 3 on your deliverables!
  • Check progress against your schedule
  • Finalize decisions based on Test Drive results
  • Begin construction of final designs
  • Get busy writing your robot program
  • Start doing lots of testing
  • Start getting your notebook into the deliverable format.
  • How's your website coming along?
  • Start building your team exhibit
  • Select Practice Day times on if you haven't!!!!
  • Sign-up for you Marketing Presentation!!
  • Plan what to evaluate at Practice Day
  • Starting testing the complete system
  • Start practicing with drivers and spotters
  • Continue to finalize team exhibit and team websites
  • Continue working on marketing presentation plans

6 October 2014 - (42 Days of BEST) - Week 3 Tasks

Week 3 (click for details)

  • Get your Liability Forms complete & signed! (See Resources > Forms > Consent/Release)
  • Complete Test Drive Deliverables online (earlier is better) - roster, music clip, logo, team/robot name
  • Construct working prototype based on your decisions last week
  • Develop some preliminary robot control program (software)
  • Decide what you will test & evaluate at Test Drive
  • Prepare to have your notebook reviewed (very informal)
  • Finalize plans for team exhibit, start construction
  • Contact media, continue community relations activities

25 September 2014 - How are You Progressing?

To remind you of what your team should be accomplishing, I'm posting excerpts from the 42 days of BEST presentation. Surely this is not everything you should be doing but it is a good place to start:

Week 1 (click for details)

  • Research the game theme
  • Select a rules "expert"
  • Setup team structure/responsibilities
  • Make a detailed schedule with milestones
  • Set yourself some goals
  • Develop initial design concepts
  • Create marketing/publicity plans
  • Create testing plans
  • Get necessary training
  • Get software installed

Week 2 (click for details)
  • Preliminary design
  • Do some prototyping/evaluating
  • Develop preliminary software design
  • Work on research paper for notebook
  • Design/select a team logo & team name
  • Plan & start your team website
  • Plan for best dressed award

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